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National Investment Sales

National Investment Research

Our latest commercial real estate investment related research reports.

Colliers is the only national brokerage firm leveraging a common national information platform. Colliers proprietary CRM+ system allows your advisor to access current comprehensive market data on properties, investors and transactions across Canada from a range of carefully vetted sources.  This provides your advisor with a deeper understanding of where the demand is, what players are most likely to make bids, what property attributes are most appealing and what the competitive landscape is.

With access to leading in-house leasing, project management, property management and valuation teams, our investment real estate sales experts can provide underwriting scenarios our competitors simply don't see.  This helps us demonstrate compelling upside opportunities for prospective buyers enabling them to confidently put their best foot forward.

We track more than 100,000 vetted investor relationships in CRM+ so we can efficiently access the right target market for your project. 

Check out a small sample of some of our curated research reports below or contact us for a more detailed analysis for your upcoming project.

Spark Report | Sale-Leaseback Strategy - Edmonton

Current market conditions, alongside low bond yields and low interest rates, have reinforced commercial real estate as one of the most desired investments amongst many investors including pension funds,...

Canada Cap Rate Report Q4 2016

Each quarter, we survey our top investors regarding the current market conditions. The following capitalization rates are based on the responses they provided for Q4 2016. ...

Toronto Rapid Transit | Report

An in-depth analysis of the current state and future impact of mass transit on commercial real estate in the Greater Toronto Area. ...

Unlocking Potential: Vancouver's Multifamily Rental Market | Report

Amidst escalating land values and the increasing costs of home ownership, the Metro Vancouver multifamily (MFH) rental market has experienced a steady increase in demand over the last decade. ...

Spark Report: Chinese Capital Emerging in Canadian Commercial Real Estate

How Canadian commercial real estate owners can benefit from Chinese development companies' growing appetite for large-scale real estate investment opportunities. ...

Spark Report | Plug in to Peak Productivity

Learn why fibre optic should be a critical factor in choosing office space. ...

Spark Report | Calgary: The Next High-Tech Hotspot

Technology startups in Calgary are emerging from the shadows of the oil and gas industry. Access to top-level talent, financial incentives and a lifestyle that attracts today’s tech professionals are...

The Financial Core Shifts South | Report

The rapidly changing landscape of downtown Toronto’s office sector has been a topic of discussion for many years. Heightened development activity south of the Financial Core, significant investments being...