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Whom should I involve?

Whom should I involve in the
retail leasing process?

Make sure you engage the right people from the beginning of the retail leasing process.

Your internal steering committee should be led by a senior employee or regional real estate manager, depending on your business structure. It should involve decision-makers and influencers including purchasing, distribution, marketing, customer research, human resources, IT, divisional heads and staff. A single point of contact from your organization, matched with a single point of contact at Colliers International, is ideal to make the process run smoothly.

You may wish to conduct a survey of your customers to determine their preferences, distance from your store and demographics.

Professional real estate advice is a critical part of the project. This will arm you with insight into the marketplace, alternative options and the financial requirements for each option.

Download the full Retail Leasing Guide

Retail Leasing Guide

This retail leasing guide has been assembled to reflect Colliers International's knowledge of the retail leasing process....