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Determine future needs

What are your future office business needs?

Commercial leasing decisions should consider medium- to long-range business goals for leases running three years or more.

Guided by professional workplace strategists and space planners, the process of constructing a real estate brief to achieve your business objectives will consider questions including:

  • Is your business growing or shrinking?
  • What are your brand values?
  • What are you preferred work settings?
  • What types of employees will you have in the future?
  • What will your technology requirements be in three years?
  • Are you considering acquiring or merging with other firms?
  • What effect will moving have on your customers and staff?

By working through this concept planning phase, you will achieve the maximum benefit—both financial and strategic—in the relocation or reconfiguration of your office space.

If the workplace design happens solely during the design and construction phase, only minimal gains are possible.

Download the full Office Leasing Guide

Office Leasing Guide

This step-by-step office leasing guide has been assembled to reflect Colliers International's knowledge of the leasing process....