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Involve key decision-makers

Who are the key internal business decision-makers?

Assemble a team with the breadth of skills to drive the project.

Involve your experts in human resources and finance who will be familiar with specific trends that may influence your requirements and decisions. Their involvement from the outset will help clarify and focus your brief and achieve internal buy-in. Collaboration with your plant/facilities managers, manufacturing engineers, operations manager, etc. will ensure you base your plan on the best information.

If you’re relocating, the planning stage should include any vendors who supply and maintain your major machinery, so you can factor in the expense of upgrading power, transporting and recalibrating equipment, as well as the availability of technicians, etc.

Be sure to appoint a project leader to connect with your internal stakeholders as well as with your broker and consultants.

Download the full Industrial Leasing Guide

Industrial Leasing Guide

This step-by-step industrial leasing guide has been assembled to reflect Colliers International’s knowledge of the leasing process....