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Lease Audits
Lease Audits

Commercial Lease Audit Services

Our dedicated Lease Audit team has years of experience in office, industrial and retail leases in addition to landlord billing practices.

Get critical analysis of your lease documents to ensure you're paying the right amount. Colliers International Lease Audit Services provides a detailed, critical analysis of all the financial terms of your lease documentation in relation to your landlord’s billings to ensure you pay no more than is prescribed in your lease and by industry standards.

Why Get a Lease Audit?

Real estate occupancy costs are probably one of your highest operating costs, yet we find they often receive little or no attention from corporations busy focusing on their core business. Lease audits are an important tool in helping you reduce your costs and improve your bottom line.

Our clients vary from multinational corporations with millions of square feet of leased space to small, individual tenants. Colliers has saved clients millions of dollars in rent and related occupancy cost overbillings over the years. We work in a professional, courteous manner, and are always mindful of maintaining good landlord and tenant relationships.

What Will You Need?

We will examine copies of your lease, amendments, renewals, landlord’s billing statements, and accounts payable/accounting statements.

Lease Audit Process

Phase 1 - Internal Audit/Desk Audit

Colliers performs a detailed review of landlord’s billings in relation to the lease documentation to ensure all costs have been calculated in accordance with the terms of the lease, and by industry standards. We will prepare a preliminary report for you, highlighting anomalies or issues identified as a result of the above.

Phase 2 - External Audit

Colliers performs a review of the landlord’s books and records (with your prior approval), if warranted and identified under Phase 1, and if allowed under the terms of the lease.

Phase 3 - Conclusion, Negotiation and Recovery

With your approval, once we have conclusively determined there has been an overbilling through either Phases 1 or 2, we will proceed to demonstrate to the landlord the basis for the overcharge, and will solicit an adjustment through either a refund or credit to your account.

For more information, please contact

Frank Iannarilli

Frank Iannarilli

Director, Lease Consulting Services
+1 416 620 2876
1 416 432 2834

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