National Investment Services

National Investment Services

Colliers National Real Estate Investment Services specializes in meeting the needs of institutional and major private investors of commercial real estate.

The team includes leading Colliers Investment professionals in each of our major Canadian markets: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

These commercial real estate investment experts work together to provide you a consistent national service platform, enabling us to seamlessly handle cross-market, multi-market and portfolio executions, and produce the best possible outcome.

We openly exchange our knowledge and expertise, sharing information about local and foreign investors; sources of debt and underwriting criteria; new listings; off-market opportunities; and market trends. Members of the team discuss contacts and information to provide effective representation for major assets on a national and international level.

National Investment Services also has direct linkage with the Colliers Global Investment Services Team to keep abreast of activity in global capital real estate markets and to discuss on- and off-market foreign investment opportunities.

You will benefit from our collaborative approach as it provides access to regional, national and international capital sources.