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Law Firm Real Estate Experts

Legal Industry Workplace Trends

Colliers’ Global Law Firm Real Estate Practice Group are experts on the legal industry and the business of law in Canada and globally.

Over the past few years we have visited 17 cities around the world to meet with stakeholders at a wide array of law firms to gain a deeper understanding of the business of law and the impact of recent trends on the future of the legal industry. We have presented our findings at various conferences both locally and internationally including Shanghai, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.

For several years, we have been tracking and benchmarking data on local Vancouver law firms. Our most recent year over year analysis has yielded some insightful trends which you can see represented in the links below.

Artificial Intelligence in Law

Artificial Intelligence In Law Report - Image

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Legal Industry Trends 2017

Legal Industry Trends 2016

Spotlight Report: Real Estate Trends in the Legal Industry

In Colliers' annual Law Firm Services Group benchmarking study, we look at the relative efficiencies and costs for the largest 20 firms within select primary and secondary markets in North America. The data reveals interesting trends that present opportunities for law firms to consider. 

Law Firm Spotlight Report Fall 2016

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General Counsel Survey

Hear what general counsels and senior in-house lawyers are saying about the law firms they use.

General Counsel Survey Infographic

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BCLMA - Topics | The Legal Workplace: A Crossroads

Since before the lightbulb, people have been focused on the practice of law without focusing on the business of law. While some lawyers don’t see the difference, there are millions of dollars being invested by hundreds of progressive companies who are trying to disrupt the business of law. All it takes is looking at the likes of Axiom and Legal Zoom. - Colin Scarlett

The Legal Workplace: A Crossroads


Source: BCLMA

What's Happening with Law in London & Paris?

I firmly believe that the future of the legal industry, from both a business and office design perspective, is never in your own back yard. There are great insights to be learned globally. My most recent travels in May of 2015 took me to London and Paris and I thought it would be interesting to share what I learned and saw. - Colin Scarlett

Law in London and Paris