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Why Colliers?

Our Business Methodology

At Colliers we have come to understand that our clients don’t have real estate challenges, they have business challenges. Our approach is systematic and we spend time exploring aspects of your business that are not traditionally associated with the real estate decision but that we have found bring great value. We actively listen to your business concerns so we can understand the broader concept within which you operate.

Our methodology, which we have named the Colliers Way, is our means of collaboratively and strategically helping our clients make and execute better business decisions, enhance engagement and solve problems through effective and efficient portfolio management. We have built our foundation on the principle that our clients’ goals can only be achieved by first gaining an understanding of their business.

As well, Colliers’ technology and tools have been developed with the specific intent of increasing Colliers’ ability to reach the decision makers in client organizations, which is why Colliers has invested in a national Customer Relationship Management Database that is shared company wide. All of our professionals have access to this database. From this Colliers can derive insight into specific markets, property availability and targeted marketing lists. Colliers’ database currently houses over 375,000 companies and 355,000 decision makers.

Dedication to Expertise

Colliers’ greatest strength is the expertise and enterprise of our professionals, both individually and collectively. That is why Colliers recruits only the best and brightest and develops them through a tailored professional development and career-pathing platform known as Colliers University. CU courses focus on three areas of learning, behavioral coaching, enterprise skills and product knowledge all to reach the end game of turning our professionals from information providers to knowledge creators providing enterprise minded advisers.

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