Service Excellence

Recognizing Employee Service Excellence 2018

Celebrating Colliers' Core Value of Service Excellence

We all need appreciation from time to time, especially in our careers. The confirmation that what you pour your heart into every single day of the work week (sometimes more…) creates a sense of achievement and validation. 

At Colliers, we value our employees and the amazing work being done by people throughout the organization, highlighted through our Employee Recognition Program. The apex of our employee recognition program is our Service Excellence Awards. These awards recognize those within Colliers who consistently deliver service excellence and inspire others to do the same. Nominations for the award is done by colleagues with the ten winners in Canada chosen by a judging panel.

This year, with growth across the country, more nominations (and deserving winners) was provided than ever before. The ten winners listed below went above and beyond, making use of their expertise and resources to overcome challenges and create exceptional outcomes.

Congratulations to our 2018 Service Excellence Award Winners:

                        Alex Velarde                 Alison Collins                    Amira

                      Alex Velarde, Toronto MEC                    Alison Collins, Ottawa Brokerage              Amira Bouzidi, Vancouver Corporate

                            Andrea                          Danica Hamel                       Gina Graham

                 Andrea von Lingen, Vancouver Corporate            Danica Hamel, Calgary REMS              Gina Graham, Saskatoon Brokerage

                            Jasmine                        Lisa Herchak                            Sarah Thomas

                  Jasmine Legesoe, Vancouver Corporate         Lisa Herchak, Calgary Valuation                 Sarah Thomas, Edmonton Brokerage

                                                                                                     Stephanie Mariani

                                                                                            Stephanie Mariani, Toronto Brokerage

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