Canadian Tech Spaces

The spaces that house some of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies

How these top firms tailored their spaces to ensure they can keep up with business growth

When companies are in the business of exponential growth, it’s often hard to align their spaces with their long-term plans.

Below are examples of companies that adapted their workspaces to accommodate their rapid growth. These firms understand that their spaces need to be functional, flexible and to preserve their corporate culture amidst constant change.

TradeRev – Toronto, ON

Having found success in Canada with its automotive remarketing app, TradeRev has been rapidly expanding globally with a focus on the United States and Europe. This dedicated group thrives by maintaining cohesive team structures with new and seasoned employees. TradeRev’s headquarters brings teams together to work towards a shared vision.

Trade Rev 1 - resize

Polished concrete floors and an open-concept ceiling make the space feel large and bright, encouraging team members to congregate.

Trade Rev 2 - resize

A switchable glass boardroom lets in maximum natural light throughout the space while still providing ample privacy away from the public areas.

Trade Rev 3 - resize

A dedicated games room lets employees decompress, reset and get back to business.

Trade Rev 4 - resize

Floor-to-ceiling glass conference rooms provide abundant natural light and create the perfect atmosphere for maximizing productivity.

Benevity Inc. – Calgary, AB

Ranked #3 on Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 50 list, Benevity provides its extensive client base award-winning solutions for power goodness programs and corporate philanthropy. The firm believes goodness combined with technology gives companies purpose beyond measurable business results.

Benevity - Image 1 Benevity - Image 2

Benevity - Image 4 Benevity - Image 5

Two large stairwells with ample natural light facilitate spontaneous staff conversations.

Benevity - Image 6 Benevity - Image 7

Art within the space highlights the original graffiti that lined the abandoned interiors of the once derelict building.

Benevity - Image 10 Benevity - Image 11 Benevity - Image 18

Demountable, modular furniture systems help accommodate the company’s growth and allow easily reconfiguration of work areas to suit ever-changing needs.

Benevity - Image 13 Benevity - Image 14

High, lofted ceilings provide an open-air feel to the work environment.

Sensibill – Toronto, ON

Since creating an app that makes cataloging and accessing receipts elegant and simple, Sensibill has grown rapidly. In response, the firm is committed to providing employees with formal and informal collaboration areas to promote innovation and keep the company moving forward.

Sensibill - Image 3170

The open lounge and kitchen areas promote collaboration amongst different departments while providing a casual atmosphere.

Sensibill - Image 3171

A more formal breakout room gives employees private space for white-boarding sessions.

Sensibill - Image 3174

Two private offices constructed with all-glass walls maintain the open and airy feel of the space.

Sensibill - Image 3172

The general buildout of the space fosters a “work hard, play hard” culture, helping the company recruit (and retain) great talent.

Redbrick – Victoria, BC

Redbrick is a product development company focused on desktop software analytics and distribution. The firm’s in-demand technologies drove it to become the second fastest-growing software company in Canada for 2016 according to the Profit 500 Guide. Redbrick’s space creates an environment reflective of its goals and ideals.

Redbrick - 1067

An open concept with exposed wood beams, large windows and multiple skylights creates an inviting place to work.

Redbrick - 1061

Each desk offers the option to stand or sit, allowing employees to stretch and move while remaining productive.

Redbrick - 1091

The lounge area provides a casual meeting space complete with a fireplace, eating bar, fully-stocked kitchen and ping pong table. 

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