Coworking Office Spaces Report

Shared office space in Montréal and Québec City: Colliers investigates

An analysis of Montréal and Québec City’s current coworking office spaces

Coworking office spaces are a relatively new way of doing business that has been increasing steadily in terms of use over the past 10 years. In fact, during this period, hundreds of new coworking offices have opened around the world, most being in major cities. But what does coworking office space entail? The term can be described as a communal working environment that is used by a group of people who don’t all work for the same employer. Moreover, minimal set up costs allow businesses to focus their capital on growth and development. Thus, users are usually self-employed, frequent travelers and/or work in small start-up companies.

To better understand this new trend in our Montréal and Québec City markets, Colliers International’s Market Intelligence team conducted a survey amongst the region’s coworking community. The objective was to gather insight regarding the performance of the different businesses in coworking spaces as well as to discover the different amenities available per location. The report showcases a map of the shared offices spread across the cities and a list of all the location’s perks and membership rates.

The research has found that the cities of Montréal and Québec have a total of 41 coworking office space companies that combined have 55 different locations. In Montréal alone, there are 46 locations spread out among 8 submarkets. The highest concentration of which is found in the Centre East submarket containing 50% of all coworking locations. In Québec city, there are 9 coworking locations, two thirds of which were located in the historic downtown and lower city submarket.

The above maps displays the various locations of coworking offices spread across the cities of Montréal and Québec, with red dots representing all coworking offices.

Our team spoke with different coworking companies such as Regus, WeWork and Le Tableau Blanc, who reported that they have either just expanded this year or will be soon. This will accommodate their growing community. All companies that were surveyed outlined the importance of creating membership programs adapted to the needs of their members. Moreover, a common quality that most coworking space companies appear to value in defining their identity is flexibility in the services they offer. They believe this to be crucial to create a community that is happy and enabled to thrive.

“At Regus, our goal is to help companies and people conduct the best work of their lives. Offering the right type of work environment, like great coworking facilities, that provides collaborative, open spaces, all the amenities and security needed, and a broad range of meeting space and private offices and suites, gives large and emerging companies the right environment for success. This is our goal across our 100 centres in Canada" - Wayne Berger, VP, Regus Canada

These environments can be unique from one to the other as their physical attributes, tenant make-up and membership rates vary. Members of coworking office spaces also benefit from shared amenities such as meeting rooms, printers and other office related equipment, minimizing expenses. Some coworking offices even offer additional perks such as 24-hour access, a health & dental plan, coffee, member events, development tutorials and more. What is most interesting however, is the ability to share ideas and knowledge in a collaborative environment.

To view the full report and its findings, please contact Colliers International directly.

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