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Professional Development


Professional Development

Turning who you are today into who you're working to be tomorrow.

Colliers International firmly believes that when people are driven to succeed, it's not merely about who you are today, but who you are working to be. Our Colliers University, Global Camps, Management Development Program and Advisor Development Program, along with direct access to our senior leaders provides support on building expertise in your field. 

Colliers International is committed to creating a dynamic learning environment to enhance our people's knowledge, experience and skills to empower them to reach their full potential.

You are empowered to take control of your career with the use of our training programs, career development paths and mentoring opportunities to take your career to the next level. 

Colliers University

Employment Branding

When we launched Colliers University (CU) in 2002, it was truly a novel concept within the industry. Built on the premise that learning is a competitive advantage, CU has grown to include more than 1,000 classes and has helped accelerate the professional and personal success of more than 7,000 Colliers professionals. 

The curriculum offers a 360-degree approach to learning with courses in commercial real estate, business and personal development. CU is not only a culture-driver for the company internally; it is an outwardly competitive recruitment tool, raising the bar in terms of our professionals' expertise. This expertise leads to better results and memorable experiences for our clients.

Global Camps

Global Camp training
Colliers University’s global training camps have been a key professional development initiative since 1994. Each year, select participants from across the globe, partnered with the business’ top leaders, gather in picturesque, camp-like environments that promote intensive learning, international collaboration and camaraderie among professionals in various business lines.

The events, which feature customized curricula each year, take place in both Canada and Europe. Participants attend live sessions taught by renowned industry experts, participate in team sports events and contribute to a group project. Taking part in activities – both inside the classroom and out – promote transformative learning.

Managing Excellence - Management Development Program

Employment Branding
Colliers has partnered with Harvard Business School, through Harvard ManageMentor, to create a customized management development program. At Colliers, each manager’s role is to coach and mentor team members, build effective and lasting relationships, and facilitate our collective business success. The Colliers Managing Excellence Program helps our leaders do just that.

This two-year program combines engaging, relevant online learning modules with facilitated discussion groups, providing opportunities for networking, online discussion and collaboration.

Advisor Development Acceleration Program

Colliers Job Search
The Advisory Development Acceleration Program puts recent graduates on the track to becoming high-achieving real estate advisors within our Brokerage business. This program accelerates the development of junior and upcoming producers, ensuring they have a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as a growing network – both internally and externally.

The program consists of distinct phases combining formal training, on-the-job work experience and professional exposure. Participants undergo evaluations at specified intervals throughout the program and benefit from partnering with experienced mentors in the business.

If you are a student or upcoming graduate interested in learning more about this program, please contact