Real Insights | PCI Group: Part 3

How to Balance Retail in a Mixed-Use Development

Anchors are key in large mixed-use projects

Colliers International connected with Andrew Grant, President of PCI Group, to discuss the varying complexities and evolution of mixed-use developments. In part three of this four-part series, Andrew Grant speaks to the delicate balance and strategic planning involved in the retail aspect of mixed-use projects.

Key Highlight:

In large mixed-use projects, such as Marine Gateway in Vancouver, BC, where the retail component comprises nearly 240,000 square feet, finding the right balance with large anchors and small retail shops, as well as the needs of office and residential tenants, can require significant strategic planning. Andrew Grant discusses several large projects and various strategies for creating cohesion within the mixed-use development, through the retail component.

To learn more about how to balance and strategically plan retail in a mixed-use development, check out the video here:


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