Real Insights | PCI Group: Part 1

How Mixed-Use Developments Stimulate Local Economies

A chat with Andrew Grant, President, PCI Group

Colliers International connected with Andrew Grant, President of PCI Group, to discuss the varying complexities and evolution of mixed-use developments. In part one of this four-part series, Andrew Grant speaks to the importance of mixed-use development in stimulating and revitalizing local economies while using the Marine Gateway development (in Vancouver, BC) as a case study.

Key Highlight:

PCI Group was a big part in developing the land around the new Canada Line Light-Rail-Transit (LRT) stations to promote good land use and revitalization of low density areas. One of the Canada Line stations PCI Group has redeveloped is Marine Gateway, a large, mixed-used project. 

Prior to the development, the site was zoned industrial, vacant for numerous years and provided little to the surrounding economy. Looking forward, when Marine Gateway is completed, there will be close to 2,000 jobs on the site, which will have a far greater impact on the local area than the previous land use.

To learn more about how mixed-use developments impact local economics, check out the video:


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