Brand New Baby Tenant

Mississauga Executive Center Welcomes Baby Mason

mason mec babyColliers Real Estate Management Services and Mississauga Executive Center (MEC) are excited to welcome their newest tenant. MEC’s resident falcons, Sante and Rogue, have welcomed their first hatch, baby Mason! 

Confirmed by The Canadian Peregrine Foundation (CPF), baby Mason was the very first hatch of 2014 for Ontario and Canada. Mason came to the ground and was rescued by the CPF fledge watch team. He was examined for injuries, banded and cleared for re-release. Mason is very healthy (and very feisty) and was successfully released back to his parents at their home at MEC on a Sunday afternoon.

Banding Mason with a black Canadian recovery band will protect him from being harvested or trapped by U.S. falconers in the fall as he migrates south, away from the safety of Canadian borders. 

To take a look at baby Mason, here is a link to the CPF’s 24/7 camera feed: 

Welcome to Colliers and MEC Mason. We hope you enjoy your new home! 

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