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Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Hari Minhas, Director of Marketing and Market Intelligence for Colliers Vancouver Brokerage, joined his U.S. colleagues on their quest to give back. Colliers U.S. partnered with Youth with a Mission in San Diego and their cause, Homes of Hope.

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Colliers sponsored two families in Tijuana who each received a new home built by Colliers volunteers.

  • The Andrade Family is made up of Jesus (a 23-year-old father and mason earning US$85 a week), Brenda (a 19-year-old, stay-at-home mother born in Irdupto Gto), Maily (their 1-year old daughter), Naydi (their 8-year-old niece who lives with them) and Chagi (the family dog).
  • The Bautista Lopez Family is made up of Misael (a 26-year-old construction worker making US$100 a week), Nayeli (a 24-year-old factory worker making US$80 a week), Dora (eight years old), Kevin (three years old), Evelin (two years old) and Chiparo (the family dog).

The Colliers volunteers separated into two teams of 15 and worked on two homes that were within a five-minute walk of each other. Colleagues from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Walnut Creek, San Diego, Carlsbad, Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver, DC, New York, Boston, Nashville and Miami participated in the build. After two grueling days of lifting, sawing, nailing and painting, both new homes had three rooms. The volunteers furnished half of both homes with chairs, dishes, a dining room table, clock and propane stove. The designated bedroom of each house now had a bunk bed the entire family could share. By contract, each home’s back right room was left unfurnished so the families could choose how best to use it.

Each Colliers team also contributed to a fund that would provide a few months’ worth of groceries to both families.“This was a truly humbling and rewarding experience,” commented Minhas. “To be honest, I’m at a loss for words – seeing the tears and smiles of the families receiving their new homes was very emotional. I could not believe how significant our hands-on approach was to the lives of these families.

Watch the following video about the build.

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