2014 Office Tenant Survey

What’s Moving Canadian Firms?

More Than Just a Pretty Face: What Canadian Firms Look For In Office Space

What attributes drive real estate? How does the location of a building, characteristics of a building and design of a workspace impact an organization’s decision to relocate?

Colliers Tenant Survey 2014

The 2014 Tenant Survey Report addresses these questions and identifies trends from previous surveys, as well as through secondary research produced by organizations such as CoreNet, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Urban Land Institute.

The traditional workplace design that embedded solidarity and fragmented employees by organizational hierarchy has taken a 180-degree spin in the 21st century. The design has shifted to not only promote engagement, but foster various forms of collaboration, encourage equal opportunity, and fundamentally drive talent attraction and retention through flexible workspace design - key attributes that are top of mind for most firms in Canada.

The 2014 Tenant Survey is a primary research report based on an in-depth survey of 225 key real estate decision-makers from various firms across Canada. The survey respondents were screened at various stages to ensure a high level of involvement in the selection, planning or design of office space for Canada-based companies with 100 or more employees.

The report is divided into three key categories that drive real estate decisions:

  1. Office Location Attributes
  2. Workspace Design Characteristics
  3. Building Attributes

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Report highlights:

Future Office Move - graphic

  Distance from work - graphic


> Download full report. 

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