North American Port Analysis

North American Port Analysis: CapEx or Capsize

KC Conway on why U.S. port markets must invest CapEx in transportation infrastructure to compete

North America Port Analysis ReportCapEx or Capsize: It's make-or-break time for North America's port cities. U.S. ports must secure $3.6 trillion by 2020 for infrastructure improvements to stay competitive as global trade patterns change in the wake of the Panama Canal Expansion. Currently, the U.S. ranks 23rd globally in infrastructure competitiveness.

Cities which don't invest CapEx in their port infrastructure may be negatively affected economically. U.S. ports which invest in infrastructure linkages will be poised to receive larger post-Panamax vessels in 2015 and stand to benefit from accelerating growth in Latin America, Canada and Russia, while ports which are unwilling or unable to spend on infrastructure risk capsizing their local economies.

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