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Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services Division Introduces Innovative Products Containing Non-Tree, Alternative Fiber to their Managed Properties

Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services Division is pleased to announce an agreement with Kimberly-Clark Professional to offer our managed properties with towel and tissue products containing alternative, non-tree fibers.

Initially, these towel and tissue products will contain 20 percent non-tree fibers, including wheat straw and bamboo. Both of these fibers meet the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) definition of “rapidly renewable” fibers, meaning the materials regenerate themselves in less than 10 years. This shorter harvesting cycle allows for more efficient and sustainable use of land and resources, and reduces pressure on forests and other critical habitats. Wheat straw is an agricultural byproduct of harvesting grain. Its use in towel and tissue products essentially puts fiber that might otherwise be “wasted” to good use.

This partnership with Kimberly-Clark Professionals reflects Colliers longstanding commitment to managing buildings in a more sustainable manner. 

Click here for the full press release.

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